Links pertaining to Penang history, cultural heritage and information
The Star Online : Penang Story
Articles and news related to Penang Story which appeared in the STAR since July 2001.
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The Star Online : Millenium Markers (selected articles pertaining to Penang)
Nov 5, 2001 : A few good men (Armenian community in Penang) by Nadia Wright
August 13, 2001 : The fort that began it all (Fort Cornwallis) by Neill Khor
August 6, 2001 : Light on a dark subject (Francis Light) by Dr. Cheah Boon Kheng
June 25, 2001 : The rice connections (Penang-Kedah rice millers), by Wu Xiao An
June 11, 2001 : The Penang-Trang connection, by Michael Montesano
Jan 15, 2001 : Glimpses of Penang’s Past (Prince of Wales Island Gazette) by Geoff Wade
Jan 8, 2001 : A Pioneer Paper (Prince of Wales Island Gazette) by Geoff Wade
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Penang State Library : Penang Collection
A selected list of rare or historical books as well as academic thesis in the ‘Penang Collection’ of the Penang Library Corporation.
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Penang State Library : Local History
Penang Library Corporation website, local history section in Bahasa Malaysia.
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Brief History Of The Penang Library
History of the Penang Library
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Penang Heritage Trust
The Penang Heritage Trust (PHT) is a registered, tax exempt,non-governmental organisation (NGO) based in Penang.
The PHT’s objective is to promote the conservation of Penang’s heritage, and to foster cultural education about the history and heritage of Penang. The website features PHT’s projects, tours and links.
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Penang Museum
Penang State Museum
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Penang Insights
The ‘alternative guide and insights on Malaysia’s most charming destination’ is an attractively illustrated website featuring ‘About Penang’, community, cuisine, attractions, festivals and accommodation. Articles on Little India and the Jewish Cemetery by Himanshu Bhatt are found here.
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World Heritage Listings
Malaysia’s nomination of the ‘Historic Centre of Penang’ (jointly with Melaka) as a cultural site on UNESCO’s tentative list for World Heritage.
Frequently asked questions related to nomination process and the implications of being listed, maintained by Ahmad Sanusi of Universiti Sains
Malaysia’s Housing, Building & Planning.
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The Penang File
The Penang File, an internet magazine on Penang edited by Mr. Lim Kean Chye. “Calling Penangites and friends wherever you are. The Penang File brings you news of Penang and its concerns, stories of its culture and heritage, not forgetting the essence of Baba/Nyonya life, customs and traditions.” Features an autobiographical sketch of renowned lawyer Lim Cheng Ean (1889 – 1992).
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The Asian Centre & Traditional Malay Culture
The Asian Center, based in Penang, aims at bringing about a greater awareness and understanding of Asia’s rich cultural heritage. Founded by Dr.
Ghulam-Sarwar Yousof, its special focus is the traditional culture and performing arts of Southeast Asia, as well as Malay culture.
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USM Library Network
USM Library Network: Gateway to the Virtual Library
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Penang E-Learning
Penang E-Learning: The Educational Community has a schools section. Some of the schools in this section provide a brief history of their institutions.
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